Our Services

Personal Protective Equipment

We sell and supply quality and durable PPEs to ensure protection of workforce against injuries and accidents. We supply a wide range of protective wears including head protection, eye protection, face protection, ear projection, respirator protection, hand protection, foot protection, fall protection equipments, and reflective clothing and overalls.


Smart Homes Installation and Automation

Home automation can make people’s lives easier, safer and more efficient. These systems can be as simple or as complex as one would like, controlling everything from lighting and door locks, to television sets and HVAC units. Keep your house connected and functioning as a whole with our smart home installation services. Control everything from your lights, thermostat, doors and entertainment items from a central control hub or your smartphone. We install and automate smart lightning, security, alarms, smoke detectors, smart blinds and audio and home theater systems. We also automate systems for disabled and the elderly.


Security System Installation

One of the best ways to protect your home and business is a security system. We provide and install state-of-the-art home security, automation, and monitoring systems for you. Create a secure environment for your family and friends with a reliable security and fire system, 24/7 CCTV security monitoring, and burglary alarm systems. install alarm systems that include protecting all exterior doors and possible window entry points to your home or business. You can add the security of interior motion detectors and/or glass break detectors.


Fire Safety & Systems Installation 

To protect your assets, buildings and valuables, we provide the installation of new fire protection systems such as fire alarms, fire detection, sprinkler and fire suppression systems. Our staff of designers design fire protection and suppression systems that are specific to your facility, that will detect and respond to fire conditions to ensure the safety of your occupants and reduce the damage to your facility. Providing you with peace of mind, knowing that your facilities, and the people who live, work and play in them are safe from the ravages of fire.
We also supply fire extinguishers of all kinds and size.  


Staff Outsourcing 

We specialize in helping small businesses who cannot afford to employ full time health and safety managers by providing them with outsourced professionals to monitor their activities and ensure strict adherence to Certified Health and Safety policies and standards. We also outsource well trained, certified and professional technicians, electricians as well as artisans, labourers etc.



We offer training services for corporate and industrial workforce on occupational health and safety including OSHA, IOSH and NEBOSH safety standards and practices. We also provide training in fire safety, working in confined places, working at heights, manual handling etc. Our trainings are practical and intense, inculcating the safety culture into every aspect of the worker's life. We believe safety is very essential to productivity in every industry and once workers feel safe and are confident in their activities, they become more productive. We provide Our training courses and duration can be customized to suit clients needs and schedule.


We provides a wide range of products and services such as the sales, installation, maintenance and servicing of

Head Protection 
• Helmets
• Bump Cap

Eye Protection 
• Safety glasses
• Safety goggles
• Welding goggles

Face Protection
• Helmet Visor
• Welding mask
• Auto Welding mask
• Full face mask

Ear Protection  
• Ear plugs
• Ear muffs

Respirator Protection
• Dust Mask
• Full face dust mask
• Half face dust mask
• Cartridge

Hand Protection
• Leather, latex, cotton, pvc, nitrile gloves
• Welding gloves
• Mechanic gloves
• Welding leather sleeves
• Leather spats

Reflective Clothing and Work wear
• Safety vest
• Safety jacket
• Elastic vest
• Coverall
• Rain overall

Fall protection
• Safety harness
• Lanyard

Foot Protection
• Safety boots
• Wellington boots

Training Programs

Our consultancy and training programs, provided for various institutions upon request include the in-depth training on, among others:

Firefighting and fire prevention

Health and safety management

Fire investigations

Accident investigations